Amakuru! Bonjour! Hello!

As one of the coordinators of the Rwanda and Tanzania, I would like to formally welcome you to the William Penn University study abroad blog!

Our main effort in starting this blog is to create an information outlet for those who wish to follow our efforts of trip preparation and our trip experience. The blog will be updated on a daily (or bi-daily) basis while on the trip.

For our first post, I would like to do a mini-language lesson. There are various greetings in the Kirwanda language, which is one of three main languages spoken in Rwanda (along with French and English).

1.  Bite = hello (greeting you do with someone of your same age)

1. Ni byiza = response to Bite

2. Muraho/Uraho = hello (greeting you do with someone you haven’t seen in a while)

2. Turaho/Ndaho = response to Muraho/Uraho

3. Amakuru = hello (greeting with someone you have never met before)

3. Ni meza = response to Amakuru

Please check back regularly for updates on our Rwanda experience!

Written by: Karolyn Wojtowicz, Graduate Assistant for International Programs