Is it only week 3?

As the days continue to count down to our departure date of March 3rd, the question comes up of “Is it only week 3?” of our weekly meetings.

We, as a group, are beginning to understand more of the Rwandan genocide – the acts that led up to it, the confusion and chaos of 1994, and the continuous rebuilding and reflection that needs to take place before regrowth can occur within the country and region. Part of this understanding came from two guest speakers at our last weekly meeting, Bosco Nkurunziza and Jean Bikomeye – two of the Rwandan international students at William Penn University.

For week 3, participants were asked to do numerous things. While some participants are still working on gathering materials for readings, others are working on completing the necessary vaccinations and materials for the Tanzanian visa. Each participant was asked to write a reflection for this week – with possible topics including what they know so far, what they hope to gain, what more they want to know. Other tasks are assigned sporadically throughout our series of weekly meetings, in hopes that afterwards, all the trip participants will reflect back on the process and know that they gained not only a number of stamps in their passport but also a glimpse into another culture in another region of the world.