Suggested Learning

For those who are interested in joining the trip participants through our learning in readings and videos as we prepare ourselves for the trip experience, take a look at this list. (Some of the readings and videos are geared towards Rwanda, intercultural learning, and other topics and like all materials, some are better holisitic understandings of what occurred than others.)

  • Bishop of Rwanda by John Rucyahana. Published by Thomas Nelson, Inc. (This is serving as the main required reading for our group in order to prepare for the trip and gain a better understanding of the country and its decades of genocide that occurred.)
  • Left to Tell: Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust by Immaculee Ilibagaiza. Published by Hay House, Inc.
  • Justice on the Grass: Three Rwandan Journalists, Their Trial for War Crimes, and a Nation’s Quest for Redemption by Dina Temple-Raston. Published by Free Press.
  • We Wish to Inform You Tomorrow we Will be Killed with Our Families by Philip Gourevitch. Published by Picador.
  • Foreign to Familiar by Sarah Lanier. Published by McDougal Publishing.
  • Cross-Cultural Connections by Duane Elmer. Published by InterVarsity Press.
  • The Wisdom of Learning by Mark Brady. Published by Wisdom Publications.
  • A Thousand Hills by Stephen Kinzer. Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
  • Rwanda: the Land that God Forgot? by Meg Guillebaud. Published by Monarch Books.
  • Rwanda and Tanzania travel guidebooks
  • Ghosts of Rwanda – PBS (film)
  • Shake Hands with the Devil: the Journey of Romeo Dallaire (film)
  • As we Forgive (film)
  • Sometimes in April (film)
  • Hotel Rwanda (film)