What is known in week 4?

Week 4 marks not only the fourth time our trip participants have met as a group but it also marks the halfway point of our meetings before the March 3rd to 14th trip.  After tonight, February 6th, we only have three more weeks to prepare as a group.

As some trip participants feel more prepared than others, it is important to point out there is only so much that the school and group can do to help prepare the students for this unique experience. There will always be questions of trip logistics on trips like these, but the more important thing is that participants learn. Learning about the culture and history of where we are going. Learning about the aftermath of the genocide. Learning about how life exists near safari game parks. Learning how people dress and talk in other parts of the world. Learning….how to learn about others and more about themselves and their own lives.

Through short papers allowing reflections through writing, group discussions on Eagle regarding readings, mini-presentations on individual readings or film viewings, and in-person discussions it is hoped that each participant will have learned things before we depart and learn things while we are on this experience that can then be shared within the William Penn University and Iowa community.