The First Seven

The March 2012 trip to Rwanda and Tanzania by William Penn University will have ten participants: President Ann Fields, her husband Lanny, Graduate Assistant for International Programs Karolyn Wojtowicz (also a Masters in Business Leadership student), and seven students mixed from the College for Working Adults and traditional undergraduate programs.

Roy Aguillon,  Matthew Lucas,  Robin Pfalzgraf, Vanessa Shipley, India Smith, Melisa Wink, and Linda Wyllie were  chosen in November 2011 to receive student scholarships that were made available for the first study abroad trip, donated by the William Penn University Board of Trustees and various community members. The decision of who received the scholarships was based off a short essay and a series of short-answer questions – where participants shared their interests in the trip and how it related to future careers, how strong of an influence the trip would have on them, and  what effect their experience would have on other William Penn University students.

For many of the seven students, this is the first experience outside of the United States, much less in Africa. Thus, it places a large responsibility on Karolyn Wojtowicz and President Fields to fully prepare the trip participants – from answering questions such as how to file for a passport and what to pack to what should one expect to experience and think during the time abroad. This occurs through weekly meetings, this blog, group emails, and an Eagle classroom where information is shared, discussions occur, and questions can be posted.

William Penn University is looking forward to this first trip to Rwanda and Tanzania with students, after sending multiple administrators to Rwanda previously. The hope is that trips to Rwanda will be offered on a semi-regular basis by the university, while other abroad programs are simultaneously pursued.