T minus two and a half weeks…wait what?

Where has the time gone? With only two and a half weeks left until our March 3rd departure date, everyone has reached various stages of trip preparation. Some of the students have their visas and vaccination cards in and merely have to worry about what to pack. Three students have yet to do their mini-presentations in our weekly meetings regarding individual readings or film viewing. A few still have to understand better how to use this blog so we can update readers while on our journeys this March. But everyone has begun to reflect more.

We, the trip participants and coordinators, are no longer strangers, although we have yet to really learn little nuances and personal interests about each other. We have begun to challenge ourselves to go beyond the basic readings and preparation assignments, which were originally questioned as too time consuming and not worth the effort. Now, as a group, we face the challenges like what to pack and how to mentally prepare for the long days of travel in contrast to the quick and organized itinerary for the trip. We have begun the task of discussing the genocide with our family and friends, inquiring how others viewed those acts as they were occurring. We have also begun to think of how we will discuss what we see, smell, taste, and experience half-way around the world with people back here in the William Penn University and Iowa community.