Two weeks to go!

At this two-week point before our departure, things have slowed down in some ways but picked up in others.

As trip coordinator, my work to-do list looks like the following:

  • Get copies of everyone’s code of conduct, emergency contact, etc. forms, in addition to their passports, Tanzania visas, and yellow fever cards
  • Make sure all trip participants have copies of their travel information, passport, visa, and yellow fever card in a suitcase that is traveling
  • Share trip information with someone not going on the trip, who then knows how to get a hold of the right person at the school in case of emergency
  • Ensure that the two emergency contact people at William Penn University have all the contact information, trip itineraries, etc.
  • Grade all assignments for trip participants
  • Ensure the blog is being updated with our information and determine who is writing on which day while we are on our trip
  • Answering calls or texts in the middle of the night from trip participants

My personal to-do list in preparation for this 11 day trip, includes:

  • Giving my emergency contact all the information they want and need about the trip
  • Paying the bills ahead of time
  • Packing!
  • Charging camera battery
  • Contacting my banks to let them know I will be out of the country
  • Change my email and voicemail greetings

With these only being excerpts of my to-do lists – you can imagine how the time is just continuing to fly by until we depart two weeks from today, on Saturday, March 3rd.