Five: the number of days on a hand and the days left before trip departure

With our final pre-trip meeting occurring last night, this trip has become more surreal for all trip participants. Each individual has different techniques in how to personally prepare – as well as different items on the to-do list, such as ensure all work duties are taken care of, who will be watching the house, pack soon or the night before, etc.

At five days until we leave, contacts are being made with the various sections on the trip regarding logistics and arrangements. Additionally, copies of pertinent information are being made for the emergency contact at the William Penn University campus and for Ann and Karolyn to carry during the trip.

It has been a long journey, in various ways, for William Penn University and these first ten trip participants to be on the brink of the first study abroad program offered by the school. Here’s to knowing that preparations have been done as well as they can be and in just a few days, one day for each finger on a hand, we will be on our way.