Our last week of preparation

Last night we had our last class in preparation for our trip. Last minute details were discussed, such as who is and who isn’t leaving the airport during our 7 hour layover in London, how much money to take and where to exchange to local currency, what paperwork to have on hand and how to carry our passports and immunization cards, and many more details. We learned that we will need to ask permission before taking photos of people or buildings, that we will need to have Rwandan currency to shop there and Tanzanian currency to shop there, and that our passports must be on us at all times. Karolyn shared a slide show of what we may expect to see as we travel – lots of exciting stuff!

This week we wrapped up our reading of the Bishop of Rwanda. The final chapters tell of forgiveness and recovery. Can any of us imagine not only forgiving someone who killed our entire family, but then living next door to them after they are released from prison, and even working with them on community projects, sharing food, and being neighborly? God is working hard in Rwanda to enable this kind of forgiveness.

So, these last few days are a flurry of activity.  For me, this week’s tasks include packing of course, but also calling my credit card company to give them my travel dates and locations, calling my health insurance company to verify international coverage, ensuring I have copies of all forms, giving family copies of all forms and emergency contact information, and making arrangements to get to the airport in Des Moines.

The next time our group sees each other, we will be standing in the airport in Des Moines and preparing to board the plane for Dallas!