Months to weeks, weeks to days, days to hours

As we now reach about 24 hours to when our group will be meeting up at the Des Moines airport for our departure, there are many things going through everyone’s heads. How much will my luggage weigh? Did I pack what I need? Will my house be standing still after 11 days? Have I completed all of my homework assignments on time/early?

My final day as trip coordinator before we leave, is being spent making copies of all the logistical items that need to be brought along the trip, finishing my own packing and personal errands, and re-confirming that everything that needed to be done was completed. Tonight, my plan includes watching a Rwanda film to get me back in the mindset of where I will be standing in a mere couple of days.

One of my many wishes for this trip, is that each person has a better experience than what they hoped it would be. I also wish that people are able to sleep this final night be we go!