We have arrived in London!

Our itinerary so far:
Drive to Des Moines by car
Des Moines airport to Dallas airport 2 hours
3 hour layover in Dallas
Landed at Heathrow at 11 am local time Sunday(5 am to you back at home)

Bunch of tired travelers today. A few of our group have summoned the energy to see some of the London sights while we are on layover here; the rest of us are content to have some quiet time and do a little shopping in the airport shops. We leave London at 6:30pm and arrive in Kenya tomorrow morning after a 12 hour flight, then we have another short flight before we finally arrive in Kigali.

Not only do we have quite a lot of personal luggage, but we are also taking books to Rwanda in extra suitcases and tubs. We look like we need a moving van!