Day 3 in Rwanda – March 7th

Today is our third day in this beautiful country. We woke and had breakfast at our St. Joseph Hotel, then we crossed the highway to INATEK. One thing to note is that everyone walks everywhere here, and we are no exception. I am fairly certain we will all have walked many miles before we travel back home.

This morning at INATEK we had a tour of the campus here by our host Theophile, which is also a Director of Education of the University. The campus is a mix of old and new buildings, some of which were here before the genocide took place. We then had a welcome speech from the Rector (President) of INATEK where he expressed his gratitude for everything that William Penn is doing got INATEK. They especially appreciated the nine suitcases and tubs of books we brought here, as textbooks are very expensive to get, and if purchased from the U.S., the shipping is very high.

Dr. Fields also gave a speech this morning, during which she announced she will be meeting with Rawandan education officials regarding opportunities of intercultural education – like bringing students from here to William Penn as exchange students.

Following the speeches, we moved to a classroom, where we learned a history of Rwanda in general and the political clime leading to the genocide. We had studied much of this before coming here, of course, but it was much different to hear it directly from those who had lived it. Tomorrow the lessons will continue with the reconciliation and their progress since.

The university is preparing a lunch for us, and then we are visiting two elementary schools and a local market nearby. Yes, more walking! I am really looking forward to the elementary school visit as the children here are absolutely adorable. I have the bracelets Sue sent with me to distribute to the children.