A whirlwind of a few days

As we finally begin to wrap up our trip experience, I know some people are excited to go home. Others, are sad to leave the memories and events that we have had while on this trip together.

I know as the trip coordinator, I am both relieved but also sad to return home. As easy as it is to go abroad if one really wants to do it, there are often so many reasons that come up that deter people from doing so. Many of those reasons are ones that our group had to go through before we left on the 3rd – such as getting a passport, vaccinations, how to leave school or work for that much time, etc.

While the trip may be on its close, as we journey back home, know that this blog will continue to share our reflections and memories of the trip – as well as look forward to new study abroad experiences and opportunities that will become available at William Penn University.