March 10th

India Smith

March 10, 2012

We arrived at the NgoroNgoro Farm House late Friday night (March 9th) around nine p.m. It was a great relief for Vanessa and me when we were welcomed by the local village warriors, the “Masai.” They were our “protectors” and they assisted us during our stay at the Farm House. I personally was in heaven; the Farm House had hot showers and great food.

The next morning we headed to the NgoroNgoro Crater where we were welcomed by about a dozen of Baboons. It took us about an hour to get to the middle of the crater from the entering gate. Our safari driver Nickalous or “Niko” was a great help; he knew everything that there was to know about every animal that was in the park and he had a great eye. He would say things like, “that’s the power of the naked eye; you can’t see it because you sit in front of a computer.” We saw plenty of Zebras, Cape Buffalos and Elephants but the highlight of the afternoon in the park was getting to see lions cross right in front of our vehicle.  Niko spotted them out about 30 minutes before they even began their journey to the lake and we came back just in time to catch them walk right in front of us.

After driving around for about an hour or two we started heading back to the Farm House for dinner. Since we still had a couple of hours until dinner started President Ann Fields and Lanny Fields decided to go on a tour of the Farm House while other sat out by the pool to get a golden tan. The hotel offered manicure and pedicures as well as massages but they were not providing those services today. Before dinner the local village hosted African Dances that Melisa, Karolyn, Matt, Roy and myself was all picked out of the crowd to come up and learn the dances with the villagers that came out to sing and dance for us before dinner.