The First Student Visit

INATEK (the Institute of Agriculture, Education and Technology of Kibungo) in eastern Rwanda and William Penn University, of Iowa, United States of America, began a partnership in 2008. Through the existence of that partnership, William Penn University administrators such as the Career Services Coordinator Debbie Stevens, Vice President of Special Projects and Government Relations Steve Noah, Vice President of Academic Affairs Noel Stahle, and President Ann Fields have all spent various lengths of time at INATEK – with the purpose of sharing advice and information.

What made the trip in early March 2012 different from other trips from Oskaloosa, Iowa, to Kibungo, Rwanda, was the introduction of bringing students. Eight students (four traditional undergraduate and four College for Working Adults students – who take evening classes) traveled around the world to see how a college campus in Rwanda looks and what similar issues are faced by student government representatives at INATEK (two of our students are on the William Penn University student government).

Picture above taken by Karolyn Wojtowicz. Shown is the Rector (President) of INATEK, President Ann Fields of WPU, and William Penn University students Robin Pfalzgraf, Melisa Wink, and Roy Aguillon.