Final class meeting

Two days ago, we had our final PLSC 299 class meeting. As usual, our one hour scheduled meeting lasted for an hour and a half. With discussions shared ranging from favorite memories, difficulties people faced as they re-adjusted to work and school life, interesting stories about souvenirs making their way back to the United States (such as Matt’s 5 foot wooden giraffe that …was not as whole when unwrapped as it had been wrapped), etc.

As our class comes to a close, mixed emotions arise. Some people are glad to have their Monday evenings/dinner times back. Others, are interested in continuing to read about Rwanda and Tanzania. I have already experienced the fun of running into fellow trip participants around town and school, sharing a smile or a wave – knowing fully well that our paths may not have fully crossed if it were not for this trip.

Some of our group will be present tomorrow evening, at the Chautauqua event from 5:30-6:30pm to share more of our experiences with the campus and regional community.