A Fellow Blogger (and Traveler) Shout-out…

As a blogger (or someone who is responsible for having a blog even if you won’t call yourself a “blogger” just quite yet), you sometimes gain momentum and ideas for posts from blogs you read. Recently, reading the Nomad Grad blogs has provided insight to me – as a fellow person who wants to learn how to save up and go exploring around the world! (This plan is in contrast to rather than just hoping that things will fall into place.)

As the Nomad Grad recently blogged about in her post “Before You Go: Australia/Fiji Need to Know,” it is very helpful to share your travel experiences with others – as it helps them have less frustrations that you may have run into. Who knows, perhaps one day you will benefit from such a posting!

For that reason, I would like to encourage world travelers to not only read the Nomad Grad’s blog (if it is your interest to travel the world outside of study abroad opportunities) but also to share your own experiences with others around you – or around the world! – about your own difficulties and triumphs as a world traveler.