Study Abroad: A Profession – not Just for Students Anymore

Within the last two decades, the percentage of students studying abroad in college has drastically increased. No longer is it an option solely for the rich or for those who are studying in a foreign language. Now, almost any degree can find courses or experiences abroad that will help make that person into a better young professional in their field.

This dramatic increase in study abroad participants also means there has been a need for an increase in study abroad professionals. Whether it is a service provided through a third-party program, such as Interstudy or SIT, or is a program offered directly through one’s school, people now go to school and study abroad just to be able to work in the study abroad field after completing their education.

For these professionals, the experience and knowledge from their field is gained not only through their own participation through various programs but also through participating in various conferences. As a recent article titled Thoughts on the International Education Conference Circus, written by Hans de Wit, on stated, “Every month there appear to be at least two international education conferences somewhere in the world, although most are still held in Europe and the US.” Whether the conference be one that is sponsored by a regional organization or one that is known internationally for its focus and years of experience, conferences are a great way to meet others within the study abroad realm and to learn about more opportunities and programs that students (and staff) can participate on.

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