How to “Culturalize” Yourself During Summer

As school years wrap up for students of all ages and grades, it is important that just like math and reading skills, that the desire to learn more about other cultures is not left aside until the fall. If one really wants to “culturalize” themselves, there are easy ways to fit that within the free time you have – even if you are in the middle of nowhere.

 One easy way to learn about other cultures is by watching films or television shows that focus on education and global understanding. PBS is known very well for this emphasis – and is free, even if you have rabbit-ear channels versus cable. Movies such as Eat, Pray, Love, while having an alternate goal of creating money and an enticing story, allow people to see the behaviors and mannerisms of other cultures. They also are great at encouraging people to begin to travel – or re-kindle the interest of traveling.

 Reading. To learn more about other cultures and countries, one doesn’t need to go out and get a subscription to National Geographic – although that is a great idea! Many of the articles from National Geographic are available online, as well as many other articles from similar magazines. Most major news websites have international or world sections and there are constantly new books and podcasts being established that bring a far part of the world a little closer to home.

 If you want something a little more hands-on that may have a group focus, rather than an individual one, think about hosting an international themed party versus a princess or Transformers themed party. This will give you an excuse to not only learn about new things but also share the information with others.

 These ideas are in addition to all of the ideas previously mentioned in this blog – such as volunteering, doing a summer session abroad, or joining internationally minded organizations such as Kiwanis or Rotary International.