Travel as a Decoration Style

My mother once told me that I have a “worldly” decorative style. I guess that is true. My apartment has Asian fans (some from Japan and some being the “Made in China” but sold in America type), wooden masks and bowls from South Africa, baskets from Rwanda, jewelry and wall hangings from Tanzania, a fabric square from Peru, and a photo from one of my grandfather’s many trips to Italy. That doesn’t even cover the things that are still in my bedroom at my parent’s house.

Travel inspired items have been growing in style recently. Many craft stores now sell trunk looking containers or dressers. This table, from the Ngorongoro Coffee Farm House, is a style that you could easily find in the United States – and is one I intend to have in a future home.

With travel themes becoming more popular for parties and weddings, travelers should now feel more inclined to display their goods with pride at the story of their purchase. One does not have to completely change over one’s house to incorporate travel items though – by gradually building up one’s collection from trips you have been on or just items that are discovered in a nearby store, your place will gradually reflect more of your travel interests and tastes.