Fee-fie-foe Food.

As I eat a hamburger for lunch today, I recall one of the Rwanda and Tanzania trip participants asking Dr. Fields before the trip what kind of food was available in Rwanda. Dr. Fields responded with “normal food” – which relaxed the student into being calm again about what she might eat during the trip.

The student, who is rather picky, soon realized after our arrival that she would not be able to eat her usual meals of Doritos chips or a McDonald’s hamburger. She was a bit disgruntled in the fact that the food on the trip, while western and different enough for the rest of us, was not what she had been expecting. The little white lie before the trip, though, enabled her to have the slight courage to continue with her travel plans rather than to let strange foods overwhelm her into not wanting to travel anymore.

The fear of food while abroad is a realistic fear. A close relative of mine, who has always wanted to travel to Japan, is too afraid of change and strange foods to do something that has always been on his bucket list. You should never let food overwhelm you – in the sense of eating too much and having a strong need to lose weight or no longer having the interest or desire to travel.

GoAheadTours recently did a blog post on their solutions to being “food ready” when preparing for travel. When in doubt, ask a local or the waiter on what they would recommend – you might find a new tasty dish (such as I did this past weekend in the form of a salmon, asparagus, tomato and cheese omelette!).

To read their suggestions, click here: http://travelblog.goaheadtours.com/3-tips-for-ordering-food-while-abroad/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+DestinationGo+%28Destination+Go+from+Go+Ahead+Tours%29