Intercultural Education – So Much More Than Studying Abroad

As I hope you have realized by this blog already, there are many things one can do to have intercultural education beyond just studying abroad. If you are a professional in the world with only limited time to share, you might spend it in the Peace Corps Response program or join a local branch of the Kiwanis organization. As a college student, you have way more flexibility in introducing and maintaining intercultural education though, as David Harrison points out in a recent article in the Huffington Post.

He points out that beyond the time a student spends studying abroad, students can major or minor (or merely take courses) that correlate with their intercultural interests. (For example, as an undergraduate, I took courses in African Contemporary Politics, Native American Archaeology, and Politics of Multiculturalism.)

An important point that he has is that any degree or courses can be related to intercultural education. With his example being music, I recall a colleague of mine, who majored in theatre and minored in peace studies. She wrote a senior dissertation on the effect music and theatre had on rape victims in Africa.

To get more ideas on how you can reap more benefits of intercultural education, beyond just a study abroad semester or summer, read his full article here: