The Alternative Summer: Study Abroad

We’ve all heard about the problems of finding something to do during the summer. Maybe you are 21 years old and babysitting younger cousins for three months. While there is nothing wrong with that – why not spice things up a bit more and go abroad? You heard me – go abroad. Get away and experience something new, challenging, and exciting with your three-month “sabbatical” from the same ole thing.

Lyssa Goldberg, from the University of Miami, had a featured article today on the NextGen Journal’s website. Her article titled “Summer Study Abroad, from London to the Galapagos Islands” features stories from students from various colleges going to various parts of the world to do something completely different with their three-month summer vacation. Their summers will definitely be fun but will also include things relevant to what they’re studying – such as a foreign language and different environmental issues.

Studying abroad during the summer is a great way to fit learning new things in a new atmosphere into one’s busy schedule. It also can provide an outlet for those who are wanting to do that something different and have that exciting “This is what I did during my summer” essay!

To read the article, which is very well written: