Has the road trip lost its touch?

While this blog focuses mainly on international travel, intercultural education, and study abroad – it also provides some insights on traveling both abroad and domestically here in the United States. (To see a post on an Amtrak ride to the Grand Canyon, click here: https://williampennuniversitystudyabroad.wordpress.com/2012/05/21/take-that-grand-adventure-with-amtrak/)

While I have made the decision on how to spend my 2 week summer vacation in early July (visiting family in Houston, Texas), I find myself contemplating about the road trip concept. While flying is sometimes cheaper, for what I want to do and when I will be going, driving actually provides a different outlet. Rather than getting to a place quickly, after which I will maybe complain about the lines at airport security or an annoying passenger, I can take the time to enjoy the travel and do an old-fashioned road trip.

True, a 16 hour drive is a bit long for one person straight. Thus, I am in the works of finding a relative who will transpire the roads with me and selecting locations along the way that might make good driving breaks. As technology grows, we forget to enjoy the travel as a part of journey and instead see it as an annoyance.

For those other travelers out there, has the travel part of the journey lost its touch on you or do you still enjoy those moments of getting lost, navigating by map, and stopping at random places along the way to truly enjoy all parts of the journey?