Partnerships between colleges and countries lead to more international and study abroad students

There has been a number of effects felt in the Oskaloosa, Iowa area made possible through the partnership that William Penn University made with the Institute of Agriculture, Technology and Education of Kibungo (INATEK) in 2008. To name a few, at least 5 administrators from William Penn University have traveled to Rwanda to share their knowledge and expertise. Four Rwandan students graduated from William Penn University last week and the school will be receiving four more students in the upcoming year. The first study abroad program offered by William Penn University traveled to Rwanda and Tanzania in March of this year, which has led to an alumni trip in the works for January 2013 and a nursing program visit in March of 2013.

William Penn University and INATEK are not the only institutions that have such a partnership though. Recently, a group of 250 students left Ghana, a country in western Africa, to travel to Cuba – where they will be studying medicine for the next six years. Just as the program with WPU’s Rwandan students is set up, the Ghanaian students are to return to their home country to share what they have learned.

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