Is it “color” or “colour?”

Even though English is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world, the way its words are spelt can vary depending on whether British English or American English rules are being followed.

As a former study abroadee in South Africa, I can attest to the ease in following the “lingo in the land.” Greeting people with “How’z it?” and asking everyone on the street how they are doing became a norm for me during my five and a half months abroad there. I realized the cultural English difference not so much during my stay – as when I returned. Having to remember to not put “colour” versus “color” or saying “robot” instead of traffic lights kind of caused a transition for me back into the American English world.

I recently stumbled upon a wonderful a visual signifying some of these spelling differences that I wanted to share – which others who have had to make the transitions between British English and American English would appreciate.

The image is courtesy of, where there are many other nuances explained about grammar.