Facebook Travel Don’ts

We’ve all heard that you need to be smart when using social media – such as Twitter and Facebook – particularly when you are looking for a new job. But what about being travel smart (or courteous) on Facebook?

An amusing article (until you realize that you do some of these things yourself) written by AJ Willingham on HLNtv.com is titled the “8 Vacation Photos You Should NOT Put on Facebook.” It reminds you that while you may enjoy some of the cheesy photos and all of the details – your friends and family that did not travel are not quite as interested in all of the fine details. They’re actually annoyed by them.

Every traveler (who enjoys sharing photos and stories) should read this article: http://www.hlntv.com/article/2012/05/30/vacation-photo-dont-post-facebook-fail?hpt=hp_c2