What’s what in the Diamond Jubilee

For those that have not been watching news about Queen Elizabeth of England recently, the monarch is celebrating her 60 years of rule with large ceremonies and events truly fit for a queen.

The larger celebrations began over the weekend in England – when floating barges went down the Thames to accompany the Queen riding with her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh. However, if you are just now catching into the events – you still will not be dismayed.

Today, on June 4th, lights will shine in former territories of Great Britain to show their support for the Queen. At night, her majesty will light a special beacon herself near the palace.

Tomorrow, June 5th, is when a parade will occur throughout the streets of London honoring the royal family and one of the longest sitting monarchs in England’s history.

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(Photo courtesy of: http://acelebrationofwomen.org/?p=13522)