The Trip of a Lifetime With National Geographic

In honor of having 125 years of exploration trips around the world, National Geographic is offering truly the trip of a lifetime. By traveling on a private airplane (open only to trip participants), travelers can enjoy the freedom of visiting locations and doing activities such as:

* Meditating in a Buddhist temple in Nepal;
* snorkel within the “floating gardens” near Rock Islands, Palau;
* walk amidst the ruins of temples in Laos (a UNESCO World Heritage section) and act like royalty when walking through the royal palace of King Sisavang Vong;
* explore the ocean with oceanographer Sylvia Earle in Maldives;
* watch birds as they take flight and leave footprints in the desert in Botswana;
* hike through the mountains of Rwanda to find gorillas;
* and dance in the streets of Spain before traveling back home.

While definitely costing the amount of a trip of a lifetime, National Geographic does excellent trips and focuses on providing people with a high-rated experience on all of their adventures.

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