Travel at Home: Showcase Your City to a Foreigner

Let’s face it – each city is unique with its own culture. From the vibrant life of Cape Town, South Africa, to the cozy small town feeling of Oskaloosa, Iowa, – each city has its own flavor, lifestyle, and general make up and interests.

A great way of displaying your city or area’s uniqueness is by going around with your camera and notepad. Take photos of everything – from the old houses to the modern school to the playground at the park. You can create a visual way of showing off your city to an outsider – which could be something very beneficial for your town, place of work, school, etc.

The information and photos collected could not only be shared with “foreigners” – which can include people just 30 miles away to people who traveled 30 hours to get to where you are – but also with the people who live, breathe, and work in your area. Post the photos and stories in a blog or other website – or contact your local news media to see if they would be interested in sharing what you have done.

You may think you know your town but this little adventure at home can truly lead you to corners, restaurants, and inspiring views that will help you appreciate more the location that you are at. (And it’s free!)