A Multitude of Firsts

William Penn University has a large number of first generation college students. The school is also known for its Quaker heritage, high diversity rate, and large percentage of students on athletic scholarship (for the 2011-12 school year, the percentage was 87).

Being a first generation college student means a lot of changes for a family – but it also means a lot of opportunities for the student and relatives. A great way to truly get a student to explore the world “out there” is to become the first in your family to study abroad.

I can relate to the feelings of unease and decision-making, as I was only the second member within my extended family to study abroad (I went to South Africa and one of my mother’s cousins went to Italy). It takes a great amount of support not only through one’s family, but also through one’s school and friends for it to become possible.

A great place to get more ideas on the extra support that first generation study abroad students might need is at DiversityAbroad.com. To read their article on the topic: http://www.diversityabroad.com/First-Generation-Students