International Coffee at Smokey Row in Iowa

If you live or have traveled in the Oskaloosa part of Iowa, you probably have seen or visited the Smokey Row coffee shop. Located off of town square, it is a quaint location with ample seating, live music and events, food, wireless internet, and great coffee drinks.

A recent find there was the Tanzania Peaberry coffee. These coffee beans come from the Kilimanjaro region, where I led a group in March this year for the first study abroad program offered by William Penn University. If you have traveled to Tanzania and want to re-taste some of their coffee – or if you merely want to sample coffee from another part of the world – check out Smokey Row in person at one of their Oskaloosa, Pleasantville, Pella, or Des Moines, Iowa, locations. Or if you would prefer, visit their website where you can purchase their international and local coffees!