A New Face to the Same Name

The purpose of creating this blog started as keeping family and friends informed about the Rwanda and Tanzania 2012 trip, occurring in March and serving as the school’s first abroad sponsored student trip. However, since that initial adventure, this blog has grown to include more topics such as: study abroad support; international travel; global initiatives in higher education; and diversity.

After some reflections on the William Penn University Study Abroad blog, the Adventure Theme no longer seemed as relevant. The theme has been changed to allow viewers to get a glimpse of numerous posts at one time – saving time from having to scroll down all the time. Located at the bottom of the pages, are the same widgets – search, archives, follow this blog, and recent posts.

I truly hope that this format makes it easier for people to see the diversity of the topics on this blog – while maintaining the idea of “Opening the eyes of students everywhere to opportunities available anywhere.”

If you have any comments regarding the new format, please let me know!