When to Book That Flight

A new travel study, highlighted on the Today Show, discovered that the best time to book flights on sale is six weeks ahead of your preferred travel dates. However, the biggest piece of advice in regards to purchasing flights is doing your research.

 By knowing how much a ticket usually costs, you can often get tickets when they truly go on sale by looking ahead. A personal example of this is the cost of flying from Des Moines to Dallas – which is a route I travel every couple of months. Since I knew I was interested in traveling to Dallas the first weekend in May, I kept an eye on prices – as the trip usually costs about $400. The last weekend in January, I discovered a sale where the route was $200, including taxes. After a quick phone call to make sure the dates and times worked, I bought the tickets – just barely before the prices went back up.

 This tip of knowing what a route typically costs might be harder to follow when traveling for work, a conference or family reunion – but if you have slight flexibility in your travels, make sure the “deal” you are getting on transportation is really a deal.