Study Abroad Support Through

I recently discovered a portal of the website titled “the Study Abroad Student Guide.” Authored by Nate Nault, a former study abroadee, the various sections include questions on how to decide which program is right for you, how to prepare for the experience, and what to do when you return.

One of my favorite sections is “Saying Goodbye to Your Study Abroad.” In that section, Nate says: “I can almost guarantee if you did it right, it really should feel like a second home.” I can attest to that – as South Africa (where I studied abroad my junior year in college) will always be a second home to me.

Another good quote from the Study Abroad Student Guide was: “Don’t worry about how much money you spend at this point. It may seem like a lot at the time, but when you come home and you start making some money at your summer job, what you spent that last week will seem like pocket change.”

If you have ever studied abroad – or intend to – I would encourage you to check out the information and see how many of the steps and information that you followed on your own journey!

Visit the Study Abroad Student Guide here: