The Power of Pinterest

As I began my morning at the office, I did what I have done almost every other day since creating the blog. Open up and my emails and figure out what happened since I had last left the office.  One email particularly caught my eye this morning:

“Hi Karolyn!

UNHCR started following all your boards on Pinterest. You might want to follow UNHCR back.”

Such a simple message may seem minor to most people – but to someone who has high ambitions to use her knowledge of other cultures (gained from her study abroad experiences, advising study abroad, working with international students and her academic studies) to help solve issues facing refugees and internally displaced peoples (IDPs), this was not minor.

Pinterest started as a way for people to share ideas for weddings, outfits, and places to visit – but it has grown already to be so much more than just that. With people such as Michelle Obama pinning things about life at the White House or a teenager about her obsession with Justin Bieber, it has become a social media website that trangresses that line between fun and inspirational while being serious and educational. (If you haven’t checked it out, I would encourage you to do so!)

Needless to say, the email message I received about my new follower on Pinterest brought me into a good mood for a Friday (even better knowing the weekend is coming!) – and yes, I am following UNHCR back. (I already was following other United Nations Pinterest boards.)