The TOEFL: A Mouthful And A Head Full

For anyone who is in the United States as an international student, knows or works with international students – or is just very informed with standardized tests! – the TOEFL can cause headaches.

The Test of English as a Foreign Language is more commonly known by its acronym: TOEFL. It comprises of either a paper or computer test to challenge students in the realm of reading, writing, listening and speaking. For many students who come from abroad, a TOEFL score is required along with an SAT or ACT score. These scores help the college determine if the student is academically prepared for the rigor of the desired degree.

A test taker of the TOEFL exam shares 3 points in a education article. In it, she says the “must do” things are:

1. Take time to study
2. Make study fun (like watching cartoons in English)
3. And be prepared to take the test over again.

To read the full advice on taking the TOEFL exam (which are helpful for also taking any standardized test), read the article here: