Conference Spotlight: Design Science Lab/Global Solutions

At this very moment, a group of young professionals from around the world are presenting their ideas on how to make the world a better place to United Nations officials as a participant in the Design Science Lab/Global Solutions conference.

DSL/GS is a weeklong experience located at Chestnut Hill College, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This year, the sessions began on June 17th – where participants met each other, learned about the schedule for the following days, and begin to understand what really is expected of them. After spending a few days doing video conferencing with various United Nations officials on topics related to the general theme of the year’s conference, groups would be created to create projects that focus on improving the world. The final day of the conference, today, is then spent presenting those ideas and group projects in person, at the United Nations headquarters located in Washington, D.C., touring the UN building and getting a better idea of what it truly means to challenge the world.

When I participated in this experience last year, I belonged to a group of 4 people – with our focus being on how to implement voting on one’s smart phone or tablet rather than causing in-person voting. Other group projects included improving “slums” located in third-world countries and making public transportation more affordable and more friendly to the environment. With people coming from all over the world to participate in this experience, ideas often combine to create truly unique ideas and visions of “the perfect state.”

If you, or someone you know, might be interested in participating in the Design Science Lab/Global Solutions conference in 2013, I would highly recommend it. It is an intense week of work, fun, learning, and educating that all accumulates to the highlight and conclusion of the trip at the United Nations headquarters.

To learn more about DSL/GS in general, go to this page:

To view the book with reports from various projects within recent years of the conference, follow this link: