Overcoming Diversity: Raising Awareness of Physcial Disabilities in Africa

A young man from Nairobi, Kenya is trying to do just that – by pushing himself in his wheelchair from Kenya to Cape Town, South Africa. (For those who don’t know distance, that is over 4,000 kilometers or 2485.48 miles.)

In many locations in Africa, there are little services provided to people who were born or have become physically disabled. Many end up unable to receive proper treatment in their own country – much less be able to leave their village or live on their own.

To help challenge this problem, Zack Kimotho (who lost mobility in his legs eight years ago when someone tried to car-jack him), decided to find locations that could help him with rehabilitation and learning how to still live a full life without the usage of legs. The problem he faces is that in Kenya, there are only 30 beds saved for people who have spinal injuries – but no rehabilitation center. The closest one is in South Africa (re-read the opening of this post).

Largely being done as a publicity stunt and largely to push himself further (literally and figuratively), this one young man’s journey is being seen internationally as a cry for help and change in how people with physical disabilities in Africa are assumed to live their lives.

To read the full article, visit Al Jazeera’s website at: http://blogs.aljazeera.com/blog/africa/wheeling-change-kenya