A royal visit: Lesotho to London

Read this interesting story about the royal family of Lesotho, a landlocked country located within South Africa, and what they liked seeing when visiting London recently!


The BLOUSE worn by the late Princess Diana on her engagement along with a duplicate of her bridal gown captured the eye of an African king, queen, and an African prince yesterday.

On the first day of their visit here, King Letsie III as well as Queen Masenate Mohato Seeiso of Lesotho browsed through the fashion and saw the silversmiths at work in the Newbridge Silverware Factory and Museum as part of a three-day sojourn right after attending the British Queen’s Diamond Jubilee festivities occurring in London.

Diana founded a charitable organisation for disadvantaged children in the mountain kingdom of Lesotho which is entirely landlocked through South Africa.

“They had been particularly taken with the Princess Diana collection of garments because they know the royal family, ” Phil Donnelly, the spokeswoman for Newbridge Silverware, said.

“King Letsie loved the music side of the museum. We now have the 4 Beatle…

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