The Travel We Often Forget to Count: Visiting Relatives

True, traveling to visit family might not be that ideal romantic weekend on a beach or the relaxing time at a spa … but it is an adventure all on its own! Many people, myself included, forget to count the time (and distance) they spend when visiting family to count as travel.

Bear with me for a few sentences. Within the past the past two weeks, I have spent time visiting family in Michigan, Ohio and Texas – and oh yeah, I did some work and moved during that time frame as well. I drove close to 1700 miles within four days – which is the farthest I’ve driven by myself in such a short amount of time.

Visiting relatives during the past couple of weeks has meant snacks on the road and more miles on my car – but has also meant an opportunity to do things I don’t get to do while living in Iowa.

For example, when visiting family in Ohio, I was able to eat some Roots Shredded Chicken (a locally owned poultry place from my hometown). While in Texas, I ate authentic Tex-Mexican food and visited some of those favorite “local spots” such as the parks around town.

It is important to remember to take the time to enjoy the people you haven’t seen in a while when traveling home but also to do – and eat – the things that you only get to do when you travel to see the relatives.