The New Sign on The Front Door: “Beware of Possible Nearby Lion”

In the United States, signs such as “Beware of Dog” are common – even if you have one of the smallest dog types, such as a chihuahua. However, in many African countries – signs saying “Beware of Lions” have become more frequent – and at a high cost.

In Kenya, these great animals have wandered farther from the national parks set aside for wildlife and more towards civilization in attempts of finding food. Why the sudden increase in lion attacks in remote villages? New housing developments have become established within the pathway that animals used to take in between wildlife parks. Lions would travel on these “roads” as they followed animals that they eat, such as zebras. As it becomes harder and harder to find traditional wildlife to eat, lions have to resort to other food sources – such as grazing cattle from the rural villages.

As a result, lion sighting warnings have popped up around villages and game parks, as well as numerous lions (mainly cubs) are caught by disgruntled people and killed.

For anyone who has been interested in protecting wildlife, visited game parks, or are just interested in lions – I truly recommend you read the full article written by Natasha Breed on the BBC website (where the photos also come from):