You Mean I Wasn’t Supposed to Take That (Insert Item Here)?

Most hotels in the United States of America offer free shampoos, conditioners and bars of soap. However, many people try to take other items and claim them “free” as well – with the usual ranging from pillows to towels.

People who have stayed at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City are now having the opportunity to return items that they may have taken – or helped “wander off” the hotel premises – during a new “amnesty” program the hotel is offering. No questions will be asked or penalties applied as the hotel tries to collect some of its more classic items. (Items that are returned with stories, such as the coffee creamer that was taken during a honeymoon and returned with a wedding party photo, will be shared though.)

Some of the items returned so far include a door knob, brass keys and a banquet chair. One person even tried returning a bathtub that was taken during hotel renovations – but the hotel declined on that returned item.

To read more on the interesting items returned to the Waldorf-Astoria – and to see what other hotels might be starting their own “amnesty” program of taken items, check out this article at MSNBC: