The Polish Wedding

I have a very Polish last name. My family lineage does include Polish ancestors, as well as some other ethnicities. More interesting, is the fact that I still have family in Poland – who share many stories on topics ranging from life in another country to cultural weddings.

An article written back in 2010 for the Polish Mama on the Prairie Blogspot blog highlights some of the experiences that one can see and do when visiting a traditional wedding in Poland.

“The wedding ceremony was complete with friends and family gently but generously tossing the traditional coins at the couple as they left the church instead of rice.  Then, the youngest guests, a preschool boy and girl, helped the couple pick up the coins, which went to help pay for the honeymoon.  Almost every single wedding guests had a bouquet of flowers to hand to the couple, which were handled by the father of the bride.”

To read more about the interesting experience of attending a cultural wedding in Poland, visit the following link – who knows, maybe you’ll get ideas for your own cultural wedding!