Look Beyond Just Study Abroad for That Intercultural Education

Offering study abroad opportunities are a great way for schools to recruit students who are interested in intercultural education. However, as a recent Huffington Post article pointed out, it’s not the only way that one can receive an intercultural education.

* Make sure you are looking at the degrees and courses that are available at your school of choice. Sometimes the courses might surprise you in how much of an international topic they include.

* Check out the list of clubs and events that occur on the campus. For example, William Penn University has a United World Club that focuses on different cultures that are represented at the school.

To read the Huffington Post article that shares how to look beyond just study abroad options to make sure you are getting the intercultural education you desire. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-harrison/study-abroad-experience-_b_1500249.html