Put the technology down and enjoy the travel!

Today’s question for parent’s with students abroad isn’t if Susy can make a call once during 6 months away. Instead, it has almost turned into “How much will it cost for the daily phone call while she’s abroad?” Family and friends, I know you mean well but there is a point where you’ve reached “too much” in talking with people back home while studying abroad.

My parents had a rule of communication once a week. While in South Africa, I sent a few letters but not very many – as the mail system was so slow. I did send long emails and do some facebooking but the phone calls were not often as they were also pricey. However price isn’t the only thing you need to consider when you are trying to be in constant contact with family back home while you are abroad. You are also losing part of the “magic” or the uniqueness of where you are.

Most likely, your family will be there when you return. (If they aren’t, I truly apologize for the tone in this post.) But you went abroad for a reason – to experience new things. So make sure you are putting down your iPhone or your laptop and go out there and EXPERIENCE something.

As the following link to an article done by FoxNews, it’s also important to LISTEN to where you are at – and to your local tour guide. They probably have a better understanding of the history and culture of a location than the travel application on your phone.

By reading about technology travel etiquette, you will not only become more courteous to the people around you – you will also gain a better perspective and overall experience of being someplace new.