By hiking or swimming – this place is something magical!

Have you ever wondered what your favorite park would like completely underwater? I will admit – I had not thought of that but after reading an article on Austria’s famous Green Lake, I started wondering.

In Austria, a landlocked country within the midst of Europe, ice and snow cover the mountains during the winter. Green Lake, at this point of the year, is a shallow lake of only a few meters near the bottom of some mountains. Providing ample space for walking and biking…until the snow on the mountains starts to melt and drift towards the valley where Green Lake is situated. Which is when Green Lake turns into a diving experience one can only picture like this –

Let’s do this contrast once again. Below, is how the area looks during half the year – winter and early spring.

And now, here is how a hiking path looks during the summer months.

Green Lake in Austria is definitely a unique setting where one can dive in clear water and see above ground vegetation thrive below water levels – or you can come in the “dry” part of the year, to be able to walk versus swim and to sit on a dry bench. Either way, the views of this lake and its surrounding area will be quite impressive!

To see some more photos (none of which I have rights to) and to read more about this lake’s transformation, go to: