When is it “too young” to study abroad? Maybe never age wise…

Most people think of undergraduate or graduate semesters and summers when “study abroad” is mentioned. However, students can also study abroad when in high school – or even middle and elementary school!

As an article on The International Student Blog points out, students who go abroad for education at a younger age often have a leg up on their competition who do not study abroad until their college years. Not only does this encourage intercultural education, a love for travel, and a greater appreciation for diversity and other cultures at a younger age – it also creates a stronger sense of independence earlier in one’s life. The younger a student, the more likely they are to live with a family abroad – which also creates a stronger sense of safety and a deeper connection with the local area.

As students wait to study abroad with age, they may have fewer chances to go abroad (the same philosophy applies for students who wait to study abroad their junior or senior year in college versus as a sophomore). As we age, different things have greater priorities – be it wanting to settle down and start a family or begin to pay off one’s student loans versus adding more expenses that become associated with international travel.

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