Worldly tastes include worldly foods too!

Yesterday, after dropping off our lovely Career Services Coordinator Debbie Stevens at the airport for two weeks in Rwanda, I decided to have a nice lunch before returning to work at my Oskaloosa office. Seeing various signs for places to eat, I settled on IHOP (International House of Pancakes).

Thinking that I would get something with potatoes (which are one of my favorite foods) or a Mexican twist on eggs with salsa, I became pleasantly surprised when I saw – and ordered – the “International Crepe Passport.”

Straight from their online menu, this meal option offers:

Two eggs, two crispy bacon strips and two pork sausage links served with your choice of crepe below.

* Nutella
* Swedish
* Strawberry banana
* Danish fruit creme
* Whole wheat with banana slices
* Or fresh fruit (pictured to the right at the bottom)

Unfortunately, the IHOP I was eating at did not offer all of these options – otherwise I would have definitely gone for the Nutella choice! The one I did choose – and completely finished (don’t judge) – was a combined strawberry banana Danish fruit creme (pictured below).

While I am not an expert on crepes (definitely not on making them), this was delicious and different enough to when next time I have to visit the Des Moines airport, I might have to plan in a stop to IHOP to try a different crepes option!