The Challenge of Describing “American Food”

As fair season becomes to arrive (or has already passed, pending on your location), discussions with international students and friends from other countries and regions may include the topic of “American food.”

This interesting – and accurate – article written by an international student highlights how there really isn’t an easy answer for that question.

As Apinant Hoontrakul (the author) points out, American food varies on one’s region. In the South, you will find grits, sausage biscuits and gravy, and spicy seafood – to name a few dish varieties. In the Midwest, you’ll find deep-dish pizza in Chicago and a preference for hamburgers and other grilled foods during the summer.

If you have any friends from far-off places that will be around during the summer, I would highly suggest taking them to a fair as a way of introducing them to some of the “American foods.” Not only would they be able to eat some of the common items – such as hamburgers and root beer floats – but they might also be able to try something new and different – such as cotton candy or those oh-so-fattening-but-still-oh-so-tasty deep-fried oreos!

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